The path through the road

The trail, marked with purple and white markings, runs southward along Artzibar/Arce Valley, so it gives you the chance to enjoy the change in landscape between the pre-Pyrenees and the Pyrenean forests. There are also hardly any steep slopes along the entire route, so it is suitable for going trekking with family or friends.

The route also passes through some picturesque villages in the valley, such as Nagore, Uriz, Urdirotz, Saragüeta and Lusarreta. It also passes just metres away from the Artzi/Arce archaeological site, located on the estate of the same name, which you can visit together with the Romanesque church of Santa Maria or the palace (a recreational swimming area has been set up nearby). 


Technical info sheet
Practical information about the trail: slopes, profiles, etc.

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Download the route
Download the route followed by the Roman road so that you can follow it on your device

The initiative to improve and signpost the road between the Aurizberri/Espinal campsite and Zazpe was launched in 2017. The “Along the Pyrenean Roman Road” project has been subsidised to implement the Navarra Autonomous Community’s and Artzibar/Arce Valley Town Council’s Local Development Strategy from the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme. The aim of the initiative is to restore and recover local heritage resources.

The proposed path follows, roughly the original Roman road, but due to landslides and erosion in some places there are other alternative paths.